OrbiCité to introduce CAPESTER at Innovative City 2017 in Nice (France)

When : 5th & 6th July 2017

Where : Nice Acropolis (France)

During the Innovative Cities 2017 exhibition and congress in Nice (France) OrbiCité will present Capester, a startup that provides a revolutionary crowdsourcing solution for governments by fostering partnerships between pro-active citizens and municipalities. Cities using Capester are more citizen-friendly, and are more effective and efficient in addressing citizens’ concerns. Capester’s solution is covered by patent pending technology that turns a video clip filmed using a smartphone into legally admissible evidence in court. Our technology allows easy and anonymous reporting of wrongdoings, starting with traffic and parking related violations that impact residential quality of life. Capester’s back-end SaaS-based platform offers the municipality big-data insights into disturbances reported by citizens, facilitating the municipality’s proper reactive or proactive responsive measures.

Innovative City achieved another milestone that confirms its international reach and establishes it as a major European event in the area of smart and sustainable cities. Innovative City is an international growth accelerator powered by the core features that have built its success:

  • A mix of businesses, ideas and initiatives
  • Creation and development of business ecosystems to undertake projects
  • First-hand accounts and experience sharing

Folowing «Beyond Smart», «City Apps» and «Delivering Urban Innovation» the 2017 edition will focus pragmatically on «Where Innovation Means New Models».

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