English summary : For wine lovers and electric bikes fans, two startups are raising funds. With TrocWine, winelovers can swap their bottles and enjoy friendly events [invest here]. With eBikeLabs, you can choose the bike you really need, adapted to your physical abilities, and share your rides and your experiences with a dedicated community [invest here].

Two startups, now in the acceleration and fundraising phase, have recently attracted my attention. These are TrocWine and eBikeMaps. Very different from each other, they both have interesting differentiators and potential.

TrocWine connects wines and spirits lovers wishing to exchange their bottles, to complete or diversify their cellar. On the recommendation of Sébastien Touchais, co-founder and CEO of ServeBox and also partner of TrocWine, Arthur Tutin contacted me to introduce his company and to present his fund-raising. Arthur is also one of the co-founders of La Winetech, which has set itself the goal of federating the innovative companies in the wine sector.

Considering the price inflation of bottles after a few years, TrocWine allows to diversify its experiments of tasting at less cost. You expose the bottles to exchange on a virtual cellar visible to the other members, you can discuss the modalities of the exchange and agree to meet at the listed meeting places and relay points. Today, TrocWine sees a very strong enthusiasm for the organized Swao-parties, not only conducive to exchange, but also to meeting and tasting. Six hundred members organize themselves in collaborative and local networks to simply access exceptional bottles and share their passion. It is worth noting an opening to the professional actors of the vineyard environment, since 3 partnerships have already been signed to date.

The objective of fund raising is € 100,000. It is possible to invest from 2500 €, which will allow you to hold 0.5% of the company. These funds will allow the development of a new version of the platform, commercial development and communication / event support. For more details and to finalize your investment, go to SparKup.

In a very different way, eBikeLabs is a Grenoble based startup which has set itself the objective to speed up in a technological and collaborative way the development of electric bikes.

I knew Maël Bosson when he created eBikeLabs in 2015. Initially there is a reflection on the management of the autonomy of electrically assisted bicycles, as well as the choice of the right bike, adapted to cyclists’ needs and ability. Today, their offer guarantees an optimal user experience during the choice and purchase phase of the bike. Then, during its use, they allow to share  experience with other users in a community rich in 7000 passionated people to this day.

The eBikeMaps Controller allows you to increase the autonomy for long journeys by up to 100% and to reduce the elements needed for its construction (torque sensor, screen and buttons, etc.) while improving the use of electric bike for consumer.

The eBikeMaps Totem is a sales support tool for professionals in the bike sector (retailers, rental companies, local authorities). It is an application, installed on a tablet, which is inserted on a metallic stand-up support.

The application and the social network make it possible to share / organize journeys and trips with the community, to choose the right bike adapted to your profile, and finally to calculate the possible routes according to your bike, the topography of the terrain and your physical capacities .

A broad consensus emerges today to highlight the essential role of the electric bike in improving our mobility in cities. Regarding the impact on public health, work is under way with Grenoble University Hospital (CHU) to evaluate the therapeutic benefits of the practice of electric bike. In this context, the eBikeLabs controller is an essential element of personalization and adaptation to very specific needs.

(video in French)

The entry ticket for investors is € 500, for a total fund raising of € 550,000. These funds will enable the company to recruit sales and back-office staff, carry out a communication campaign, support their working capital needs and start their internationalization. This fundraising is supported by the European platform of crowdfunding Raizers.

Post originally published on LinkedIn on April 25th, 2017

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