Active Education

Active Education

Learn and design your Smart City

  • The Smart City is not a monolithic discipline, but a systemic integration of many other disciplines : technology, human and social sciences, each of which is the subject of particular curricula.
  • To succeed in controlling this complexity, staff and decision-makers support is an important need.
  • It is particularly relevant to complement traditional education with a practical, active, real-life use case oriented approach focused on technical, social and political innovation.
  • Promote the cross-fertilization of minds, developing multi-disciplinary group dynamics and allowing students, professionals, members of local communities to interact.
  • Acquire innovation methodologies, and develop autonomy to put them into practice
  • Quickly find ways of innovation, responding to concrete problems, and which can give rise to quick validations, quick wins and to creation of innovative companies


We develop Smart City workshops and courses at the request of Academic Institutions, Territorial Communities, Associations or Foundations that want to develop these active pedagogies, combining work on concrete cases and acquisition or sharing of knowledge.

  • Organization and animation of Summer Schools and Workshops
  • Work spread over longer periods, with regular plenary sessions and remote coaching
  • International speakers with recognized expertise
  • Active pedagogy, project pedagogy, learning by doing, connectional intelligence, repository of technology description, existing use cases and good practices
  • Active and multidisciplinary initiatives

At the end of sessions and coaching, we can see the following benefits:

  • The development of a systemic, multidisciplinary approach to the smart city
  • Participants’ autonomy with regard to the innovation methods that were used
  • The design of solutions to be validated and experimented
  • The creation of bridges between disciplines and different professional horizons
  • The creation of networks of talents and skills that will continue to develop initiated projects
  • The emergence of new entrepreneurs, based on actual use cases and fast validation business models
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